libro amati per amare

The new book by Daniele Di Benedetti is finally available

“Knowing that this book is in your hands fills my heart with gratitude. My most sincere wish is that it can be for you a new light in the darkness.

Understanding in confusion, rebirth after a bitter defeat.

What I will share with you will guide you to express the best version of yourself, to become the protagonist of your life, the hero capable of bringing joy in sadness, meaning in pain and love in hate.

The instruments that you will find in these pages have allowed me to get out of the mud when everything seemed lost, to rise again in the most difficult and delicate moment of my life. A long and complicated process, which saw me change my skin to seek, one step at a time, the best Daniele.

When you are in trouble it seems almost impossible to see it this way, but over the years I have discovered that mud can also be a blessing if you have the instruments to get rid of it. Many people desire a life without problems, and I was one of them, but a life deprived of its difficulties is a life without growth.

In these pages I have shown you the path and you will gradually feel guided to take back the helm of your life. You will understand what are the determining factors of success and you will discover how you too can do with your life what you want most.

Don’t let your life decide your destiny: take the lead, get out of the mud and start flying above the clouds."