libro ricordati di sorridere

Thew new book by Daniele Di Benedetti, published by Mondadori, is finally available

To become aware of the people we are, without the social influence and expectations of other, we must first listen to ourselves deeply (Listen), take off the mask we have built and have the patience to have a chat with those hiding under there.

Only way we can accept our weaknesses, our past, our fears (Accept) that are inevitably part of the human experience, abandoning anger and transforming what remains into life energy.

That’s when we will find out to have ideas, projects, intuitions, relationships with beautiful people (Appreciate) and it will be much more natural to love ourselves, others, life as a whole (Love).

Daniele tells us that happiness is already within us: “It is in the small things, in our ability to identify and focus on the beauty of our life, in feeling richer inside".

This is real success, this is real happiness.

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"“There are three things I am sure I know about you: the first is that you are alive, and this is already a good reason to smile and be thankful to life. The second is that unfortunately you too, like all of us, will die. And this should be an incentive to live your life fully. The third is that now you are reading these lines, you are present, in the here and now.

There are you and these words. Soon your mind will try to understand if the book that you are holding is right for you and it will put you in front of a choice. My suggestion is: follow your intuition. Let yourself be guided by your heart.”"

Daniele isn’t a psychologist, a coach, a spiritual guru and not even a trainer. Maybe he is all these things put together.
He is basically a thirty years old man who has developed a unique bond with his community of hundreds of thousands of people who follow him on social media and in his live events.

People, not fans, because “Dan” shares with them his life, his experiences, his joys and his failures in the unsurprising pursuit of happiness.

He puts his face by bringing a new and fresh message, not only focused on achieving material success, but also on the inner development of the person.