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Personal and professional relations - Public Speaking - Storytelling,
Video and Copy

What is the
"360 Communication" event?

In these 3 intense days you will have challenged yourself in what is the REAL critical factor of success in life and business: being able to write and speak in a persuasive and convincing way..

Communication is a determining factor in every area of life, from relationships with the family, your partner or at work.
In fact, being able to understand the others and communicate in a convincing and direct way is by far the most important aspect to be successful and stand out in the market.

We will work together on your past stories and we will transform them into powerful stories. The stories that will make your personal and/or professional brand credible, magnetic and recognized by the public.

I will reveal you the secrets that I personally use to propose my courses, services and products. You will have all the protocols thanks to which I made videos, emails and persuasive sales letters that sell automatically.

"Man has no nature but a history. Man is nothing but drama. His life is something to choose, build as it goes. Human being consists in that choice and in that inventive. Every human being is a novelist of himself, and although he can choose between being an original writer or one who copies, he cannot avoid choosing. He is condemned to be free."
José Ortega y Gasset

You will learn to communicate like a professional, both in public or in video, and by writing, to spread your message to the world and be able to make a difference in this revolutionary and opportunity-rich era.

  • Relationships

    Communicate persuasively and strike at the heart.

  • Personal stories

    Make your life a wonderful movie.

  • Stories to sell

    Learn to define stories that sell.

  • Charisma

    Train your charisma and overcome the fear of public speaking.

  • Video

    Discover the secrets of writing and shooting videos.

  • Persuasive writing

    Learn to write like a copywriter.

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