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Strategic Positioning - Marketing - Automation

What is the
"Business Pro" event?

Everything you need to know to practically create a profitable business or enhance an existing one. Even starting from ZERO and if you are not an expert in business and marketing.

During this event we identify in detail your personal and/or business Brand to get you hired in the company of your dreams, get you to the top of your profession or position your business at the top.

I will reveal to you all the new automated marketing strategies that work TODAY, to sell any product or service automatically and without wasting money on traditional advertisements that no longer work. These techniques have allowed my companies to generate incredible revenues that have allowed me to be financially free, and with the right idea and a lot of determination you can apply them too.

You will discover the strategy behind great brands to draw inspiration and innovative ideas to revolutionize and enhance your business.
Together we will define your best product strategy to create a scalable, sustainable and absolutely successful business.

"Learning is experience; everything else is just information."
Albert Einstein

I will give you access to all my marketing strategies that I have applied over the years and that have led me to reach 650,000 Facebook fans in just 24 months. Thanks to my positioning, the book "Remember to smile” (Ricordati di sorridere) has sold over 50,000 copies, finishing at the top of the charts on all Italian newspapers, and is currently in its 7th reprint!

If you own a business or a VAT number, you should definitely attend this event. Instead if you are a student, an employee or an unemployed person, with these techniques you can increase your skills to realize a new idea turning it into a business or earning the job you deserve.

  • Business model

    Build yourself more freedom and free time.

  • Positioning

    Learn to be perceived as the #1.

  • Marketing

    Discover the most advanced strategies.

  • Products

    Discover how to create contagious and viral products.

  • Clarity

    Find your professional direction.

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