evento dal sogno al successo

Coaching and NLP - Leadership - Interruttori Esistenziali® (Existential Switches)

What is the
"Leave to start over" event?

During this event we will lay the foundations for your personal and professional success. We will work together on your identity in order to strengthen it with an advanced coaching protocol, which will provide you with the instruments to live with greater presence and security.

Together with Daniele and your new peer group, you will find the strength to work on your most intimate parts to generate a radical and lasting change over time. A change that will last forever and will bring well-being for you and the people you love.

Clarify is power and these 4 days, full of emotions and deep transformation, will have made you a Leader capable of guiding and inspiring yourself and other people.
Furthermore, you will learn to deeply master the "Interruttori Esistenziali ®” (Existential Switches), the deep sensations that guide all your action and reaction. You will also find technical instruments of NLP and Coaching that have allowed me to obtain, and make my clients obtain, extraordinary results. Once you master these strategies, if you want, you can transform them into your new profession.

"There is no favourable wind for the sailor who doesn't know where to go."

During this meeting you will have defined how you want to be perceived by others in order to specifically trace your direction, enhance the image of yourself and make it unique and desired.

A real laboratory of life…
this is the most profound and emotionally charged event of the program.
It will stay in your heart forever!

  • Awareness

    Make the right decisions at the right time.

  • Emotions

    Learn to master your emotions.

  • Values

    Live your life as a protagonist.

  • Switches

    Learn how to activate your Interruttori Esistenziali®
    (Existential Switches).

  • Coaching

    Work deeply on yourself.

  • Forgiveness

    Accept the past to change the future.

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